I used to live happily on this patch of land!

I used to live happily on this abandoned patch of land. Way back it was a wonderful place. I had found my home underneath a bush in a spacious and comfortable cardboard box. Early every morning, I used to walk to the city, looking for food and, maybe, a girlfriend (only for myself) to bring back here with me and to have a family of hundreds of sons and daughters with. Everything was perfectly fine until one sad day, when a group of boys jumped over the wall and started to run around the ground, chasing after something hard and round. I immediately thought they were crazy and still think so today. At first, there were only four of them, but now there are many. These guys are not normal people like you and me. Imagine people who don’t know what they want, neither what they are doing nor where they are going or where they came from, running and screaming and falling over and getting up again and tripping and disturbing and destroying everything around them. It’s depressing. It seems a kind of war which is being fought for real but at the same time is only a game. One day, they kicked this hard and round thing with such force that it nearly destroyed my home! I attacked them, furiously barking and trying to bite them, but they threw that thing at me and afterwards continued waging their war of running around without any connection, just as if nothing had happened. Now I really don’t know what is going to be of my life. My world collapsed. My plans have gone down the drain. And the worst thing: where will I find a girlfriend (just for myself) which would live in this hell on earth with me, full of lunatics  running after something useless, round and hard?